Marjorie Taylor Greene Apparently Went On A 38-Minute Rager Against Lindsey Graham And Asked People To Harass Him

Lindsey Graham’s known for dancing back and forth on his support for ex-President Trump, and naturally, the far-right isn’t happy that the senator from South Carolina distanced himself from the Big Lie. It also didn’t bode well for Graham with the QAnon crowd when Graham was recorded while praising President Biden (although he took that gushing back). Fox News host Tucker Graham was horrified and angry while goading Graham as too ‘fraidy-cat to appear on this show.

As for Marjorie Taylor Greene, well, you can imagine how upset she’s been at Graham. The congresswoman from Georgia was so very angry (according to Business Insider) that Graham wouldn’t support Trump pardoning the Jan. 6 insurrectionists. And this week, she raged against Graham for a over half an hour because she believes that she’s sold out to Joe Biden. She didn’t quite dox him (by giving out his personal number), but she did instruct her followers to call his office.

According to federal lawyer (and Ron DeSantis detractor) Ron Filipkowski, Greene raged for a full 38 minutes and considered it an emergency podcast to do so. Remember when lawmakers didn’t podcast or tweet? Yeah, those days are over. Here’s Marjorie directing far too much energy at her perceived enemy:

One might wonder whether Greene actually has any supporters who will follow her instructions, but she did win her recent primary, so she may very well win the midterm election, too, which means at least two more years. Lindsey will be thrilled.