Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Reportedly Blown Half Of Her Salary On Mask Fines

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is. It’s been well-known for a while that Marjorie Taylor Greene has been willingly fined for not wearing a mask while in the Capitol chamber. It’s also known that those fines aren’t cheap: $500 for the first offense, a whopping $2,500 every other time. But only now do we know how much of her salary she’s lost taking a deeply foolish and unscientific stand.

As per The Hill, documents Greene made public reveal that the Georgia lawmaker (who makes few laws because she’s been kicked off committees over her dangerous rhetoric) has been fined a whopping 36 times for not wearing a mask on Capitol Hill. Do a little math and that brings the total number of fines to a jaw-dropping $88,000.

But there’s more. A United States representative makes a lofty $174,000 a year. That means Greene has wasted about half her salary on opposing a rule that could protect her from a highly transmissible and ever-mutating virus.

Greene’s not the only one pouring a large chunk of his salary down the drain while putting their own life at risk. Andrew Clyde, another Georgia representative, has been fined 25 times, totaling $60,500. (Clyde’s the guy who infamously refused to shake the hand of an officer who helped protect him on Jan. 6, 2021.) Between the two of them, that’s almost $150,000 that could have easily been burned. But perhaps those fines are going to something more lofty, like giving raises to the Capitol police who’ve had to put up with Greene’s violent supporters.

(Via The Hill)