Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Had An Astounding Amount Of Fine Money Withheld From Her Congressional Paychecks For Stubbornly Refusing To Wear A Mask, Ever

Earlier this year, Marjorie Taylor Greene made headlines for shredding a memo from Nancy Pelosi and receiving her first fine for not wearing a mask on the House floor. Less than a week ago, she achieved the 20-fine milestone. That amounted to a $48,000 total, which is over one-quarter of her $174,000 annual salary as a freshman congressperson. Well, Marjorie wasn’t done yet. She defiantly tweeted, “Why do I get fined for not wearing a mask when I’m sitting in a chair on the House floor the same as people eating unmasked at a restaurant?” Marj added that she works out a lot, which she believes protects her from COVID, and then she decided to keep on being fined for refusing to follow Nancy Pelosi’s mandate. Well, congratulations (I guess?) go out to Marjorie for doing the unthinkable: whittling away all of her paychecks because she’s so stubborn.

The Hill now reports that Greene has blown past the $50,000 mark, but get this — she’s got competition (and it’s not Lauren Boebert, who will throw a mask at an aide, but she draws the line at opening her wallet for fines). Here’s what’s currently afoot, via The Hill:

But Greene wasn’t the only one — Rep. Andrew Clyde was also cited for not wearing a mask, with the committee detailing at least three instances Georgia’s second congressman broke the House mask rule.

Since last week, Green has been fined $50,000 for not wearing a mask, which Congress automatically will deduct from her $174,000 salary. Clyde’s latest violation makes his total fine more than $30,000.

Well, it’s a statement, alright. According to Pelosi’s mandate, the first mask-flouting offense comes in at $500. Each subsequent refusal notches another $2,500, and Greene previously boasted on Twitter when she hit the $25,000 mark. Can she actually whittle away her whole annual salary before the end of the year? It’s entirely possible. Since she’ll be working around the holiday schedule, Greene will need to squeeze in a lot of mask tantrums, fast. Yet if anyone can pull off this ridiculousness, it’s Marjorie Taylor Greene.

(Via The Hill)