Marks And Spencer Wants You To ‘American Pie’ Their Bread

Today in “who thought this was a good idea?” British grocery store chain Marks and Spencer has created a meme by advertising their new rolls with vitamin A and D with the cringe-inducing slogan “putting the D in bread.”

As a result, the ad (sorry, advert) has been shared all over social media, with people adding their own jokes. One Twitter user retweeted the slogan with this comment: “I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure that’s breaking a few food hygiene rules.” Another had a confession to make after seeing the ad: “We’ve all done it. Only when it’s warm though, obvs.”

Here are some other jokes at M&S’s expense:

Does this gaffe remind anyone of American Pie? Maybe Marks and Spencer can start selling those with a similar slogan, even though there’s a crucial letter missing in that product name. This could also be the start of series of advertisements featuring pretty much any product with the letter D in it.

The question though is whether a copywriter (and his or her higher ups) goofed with this campaign, or if this was a cynical, intentional bid to drum up “any publicity is good” interest in whatever vitamin D rolls are. Intentional or not, the product doesn’t sound that appetizing.

(Via Mashable)