Mars Has Acne — Mysterious Spheres Found On The Red Planet

So, the Mars Opportunity Rover is still chugging around on Mars over eight years after landing, and in fact it’s just made a new discovery — one of the “most extraordinary of the whole mission” according to scientists.

The Rover has found patches of ground covered with mysterious little spheres. The Rover found something similar years ago, which scientists took as evidence that rain might have once fell on the planet, but these new spheres are totally different in composition…

“They are different in concentration. They are different in structure. They are different in composition. They are different in distribution. So, we have a wonderful geological puzzle in front of us. We have multiple working hypotheses, and we have no favorite hypothesis at this time. It’s going to take a while to work this out, so the thing to do now is keep an open mind and let the rocks do the talking.”

Come on NASA, the answer’s obvious — a Martian hiker tripped and dropped his Martian Milk Duds in the dirt. This “science” stuff is only as hard as you make it.

via Gizmondo