Mars Is Bringing Back Crispy M&M’s Because Of ‘Nearly Daily’ Demands

Ask and ye shall receive… at least if “ye” are a bunch of people willing to pay a ton of money. That might as well be the new marketing cry of food and drink companies around the world, because now that Coca-Cola showed that it was willing to appease our out-of-control cultural sense of nostalgia by bringing back Surge for $15 a case, the doors are wide open for other products to make their returns. Next up is Crispy M&Ms, as a Mars spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that a “nearly daily” demand for the return of the candy that was discontinued nine years ago has caused the candy giant to reconsider and announce a re-launch for January 2015.

According to Mars, people have been making requests via customer service hotline and petitions, as well as the M&M’s Facebook page, although the only posts I saw there were from people complaining about how the bags of M&M’s they bought were either too light or the new pumpkin spice flavor tastes nothing like pumpkin spice. Oh social media, how did we ever complain to major corporations without you?