Marshawn Lynch Is Just There So He Won’t Get Fined

All eyes were going to be on Marshawn Lynch for how he would deal with the pointless spectacle that is Media Day. And the answer is FANTASTICALLY. Marshawn took his podium for four and a half minutes, announced he was only doing it so he wouldn’t get fined and replied to every question that he was only at the podium so he wouldn’t get fined. Honestly, Marshawn deserves the MVP award for this alone.

The only time he ever changed it by was giving a “I’m doing this so I won’t get fined, boss” for Deion Sanders. When his required 15 minutes were up, Lynch shouted “TIME!” then promptly left the podium, but not before giving us this enduring image.

Let’s give the NFL some credit here too. They did a very NFL thing and swooped in to remove Marshawn’s Skittles bag once he left because sponsors. That’s good #brand discipline.