‘Marvel #1’ Has Been Unpaused. You Have Until Midnight Tonight To Sign Up For Free Stuff.

04.09.13 6 years ago 4 Comments

Let’s try this again…

Remember a couple weeks ago when Marvel was all “hey guys, here’s free digital editions of every #1 issue we’ve ever done”? Unsurprisingly Comixology was immediately obliterated by traffic and the Marvel #1 promotion had to be put “on pause”, where it’s stayed for a while now.

Well, Marvel is taking another stab at giving away over 700 comics, and you have until midnight tonight (Tuesday, April 9th) to get in on the action. Hit the jump for details…

Head over to this page right here and sign up. Starting Thursday Marvel and Comixology will be sending out waves of emails with instructions on how to grab the comics. You might not get your email right away on Thursday, since they’re trying to stagger things in an attempt not to obliterate Comixology this time around.

Once you’ve received your email, you’ll have 48-hours to download as many of the 700 #1s as you can, so I say take a sick day, or find a teenage nephew with nothing better to do and take ’em for all they’re worth.

via ComicsAlliance

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