Marvel Has A Casting Wishlist For ‘Luke Cage’ And ‘Jessica Jones’ With Some Familiar Names On It

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11.19.14 23 Comments

It’s been more than a year since we found out about Marvel and Netflix’s ambitious plan for an interconnected TV universe featuring The Defenders (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist) and, thus far, almost everything that we know has centered around the Daredevil series.

According to a new report over at Deadline, though, things may be in motion with Marvel on the Jessica Jones and Luke Cage casting front.

I hear Marvel is assembling a field of actresses invited to test for the lead of the company’s straight-to-series Jessica Jones drama for Netflix. I hear it includes Krysten Ritter, Alexandra Daddario, Teresa Palmer, Marin Ireland, and Jessica De Gouw.

Ritter’s is the name that most jumps out due to her time on Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23 and Breaking Bad. Ritter was supposed to lead Mission Control, the Lem and Phil reunion show where Lem and Phil from Better Off Ted time travel to the 60s to work for NASA (that synopsis may be a slight misremember), but NBC cancelled the show before it could earn minor critical praise and complete audience indifference. While I would have watched the sh*t out of Mission Control, it’s death could be a blessing for Ritter if these Jessica Jones rumors prove true and she gets the role.

She’ll potentially face some stiff competition, though. Alexandra Daddario has earned raves for her work on True Detective while Teresa Palmer did good work as the star of Warm Bodies and Jessica De Gouw kicked ample tuchus as The Huntress on Arrow.

Deadline is also reporting that Luke Cage will appear in “6-7 episodes of Jessica Jones” before the start of the Luke Cage series and they are saying that Lance Gross (Crisis) and Mike Colfer (The Good Wife) are on the Luke Cage wishlist, which is fine, but I’m still #TeamPresidentCamacho when it comes to Luke Cage casting.

Via Deadline

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