Marvel Hints At The End Of Miles Morales As ‘Ultimate Spiderman’

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When Marvel announced we were getting a new ‘Ultimate Spiderman’ in the form of one Miles Morales, some people were up in arms, and mad that we were getting a new webslinger who was not white. Fans of Donald Glover (who had been clamoring for the role) were excited to see that maybe the Community star was finally one step closer to playing the webhead (who he now voices for the Disney show). Sad news today, as it seems Marvel may be taking the spotlight off the Miles Morales character. Marvel has already ended its ‘Ultimates’ line, with Spidey being the only title left, and things don’t look good.

From Blastr:

The solicitations for the 12th issue in the run, shipping in April, is billed as “The Epic Conclusion,” bearing a tagline that asks “Is this the end?” Considering Marvel has axed every other Ultimate book, and sales aren’t great, odds point to yes. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be the end of Miles.

Having made some appearances in other Marvel titles, we can only hope that if they axe the book, they keep the Miles Morales character in the Marvel universe. He’s a cool cat who adds a very unique flavor to that world. Also, Donald Glover in a Spidey movie at some point, please?

Story Via Blastr