Marvel To Try Gambit and Hawkeye In Solo Books Again

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04.16.12 15 Comments

As it was noted by MrFroggy when we talked about “Spider-Men”, Joe Quesada admitted that if they ever crossed over the 616 and the Ultimate universe, they were officially out of ideas. Of course, maybe around the time they put out “Spider-Man: The Dark Spider Returns Peter’s Evil Cancer Baby Batter Reign”, they should have admitted this.

Or maybe when “The Twelve” became a blatant, if pretty entertaining, rip-off of “Watchmen” before behind the scenes drama derailed it and gave it an unsatisfying climax (seriously, issue #11 stank on toast).

Anyway, Quesada was apparently serious, because Marvel is going to back to two characters who didn’t work before in an ongoing and probably aren’t going to work again.

First up, Gambit. He had an OK ongoing that started in 1999, and a god-awful ongoing in 2004. This time, James Asmus will be handling the writing and Clay Mann the art, and apparently it’ll focus on Gambit being a “sexy thief”. Well, it can’t suck worse than “Catwoman”.

Second is Hawkeye, who Marvel has been trying to stick into an ongoing for thirty freaking years. No, seriously, the first miniseries was in 1983, followed by at least three others that we could find and that ongoing with Mockingbird that died two years ago. Not to mention the West Coast Avengers.

This time around, they’re throwing Matt Fraction and David Aja at it, so it might stick for a while, at least.

How about you, true believers? Any interest in these books?

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