Some House Republicans Were Reportedly ‘Cursing Out’ Matt Gaetz Over His Shenanigans As The Speaker Fiasco Drags On

Matt Gaetz is reportedly testing the patience of his fellow Republicans. Following the 12th vote for Speaker of the House, which once again saw Kevin McCarthy fail to clinch the coveted position, Gaetz was greeted with a not so friendly reception after he nominated Jim Jordan ahead of the vote. Jordan, for his part, has continued to nominate and vote for McCarthy.

According to CBS News reporter Robert Costa, Republican House members reportedly lost their cool with Gaetz as the speaker debacle continued to show no end in sight. It presumably didn’t help that a 13th vote came and went with McCarthy still short of the necessary threshold.

“Some House Republicans just walked off the floor in disgust with Gaetz,” Costa tweeted from the scene. “I’m in speaker’s lobby and some members are cursing out Gaetz as they leave the floor. ‘I’m not listening to this —-!’ one House R says… others fuming and going outside to balcony to cool off.”

Getting chewed out by his own party is becoming routine for Gaetz as he, somehow, continues to hold sway over enough GOP members to derail the House vote. During a Thursday evening appearance on Fox News, Gaetz was grilled by Laura Ingraham who blasted Gaetz for demanding concessions from McCarthy while still vowing that he’ll never vote for him.

“You can’t have it both ways,” Ingraham yelled at Gaetz. “You can’t say ‘I’m a man of principle and I believe in X, Y and Z. But if he gives me X, Y and Z, I’m not gonna vote for him.’ What? How does that make sense?”

(Via Robert Costa on Twitter)