Jimmy Kimmel Ridiculed ‘Ass-Kisser’ Matt Gaetz For Nominating Trump For Speaker — And Having One Person Clapped (You Can Probably Guess Who It Was)

Like most people across the country, the big topic on Jimmy Kimmel’s mind last night was the seemingly never-ending inability for House Republicans to just name a Speaker of the House and get on with it. Of course, as we all know — and as the host explained — “the reason Kevin McCarthy can’t get over the hill is because a group of about 20 super-right-wing holdouts are refusing to go along with the majority.”

Chief among the so-called Republic Freedom Caucus is the Forehead from Florida, Matt Gaetz. The 40-year-old congressman has treated the floor of the House like open mic night at the Chuckle Hut as he has spent the past several days standing up and excitedly nominating a roster of names with zero chance of succeeding. But it seems as if Gaetz might be a fan of Mike Lindell’s Frank Speech TV, because just a day after the MyPillow kook wondered why no one had yet thrown Donald Trump’s name into the mix, Kimmel shared that “circus jerk” Matt went ahead and did it.

It didn’t go well.

With all eyes on him, Gaetz declared that he was nominating Trump “because we must make our country great again, and he can start by making the House of Representatives great again.” One person clapped. (If elocution queen Lauren Boebert can indeed be described as a “person.”)

Kimmel loved every second of Gaetz’s performance, calling him an “ass-kisser,” and really ate up the fact that no other person voted for Trump — nope, not even Boebert. (Which didn’t stop Gaetz from nominating the former president a second time during the next round.) In the many, many rounds of voting since, Gaetz has thrown some more names into the mix. It’s only a matter of time before he starts naming vegetables and Disney characters.

You can watch the clip above, beginning around the 3:55 mark.