Yep, Matt Gaetz Is Running For Re-Election Despite Being Under Federal Investigation Over Ties To A Sex Trafficking Ring

It’s safe to say that few in Congress are as in deep doo-doo as Matt Gaetz. For more than a year, the Florida representative has been under federal investigation for his ties to a sex trafficking ring. Gaetz has been preparing for a “scorched-earth” trial that looks to be getting worse, not better. But he’s also tried to pretend as though everything was normal, as witness the triumphant announcement of his re-election campaign.

On Saturday, Gaetz welcomed whatever supporters he has left to the grand opening of his campaign office. “It’s choose your fighter time,” Gaetz roared to the crowd. “I’m your Florida man. I’m ready to take the fight to Washington and I hope you’ll fight with me.”

He tweeted a variation of this message on social media, complete with a glaring typo.

When asked why he was running for re-election at all, Gaetz said, “I continue to be inspired by the people of Northwest Florida and I think I have an important role to play in fashioning the shape and flavor of the upcoming majority.”

Gaetz also railed against “woke generals.”

How popular is Gaetz, though? Last month it was reported that the PAC he runs with Marjorie Taylor Greene had received a lone donation from September — from Gaetz himself.

But as Gaetz said, he’s a “Florida Man,” and who’s more “Florida Man” than someone accused of sleeping with a minor he met via a sex trafficking ring, whose members he may have paid over Venmo, still running for public office — and having a good chance of winning?

(Via NWF Daily News)