The Florida Shock Jock Ratting Out Matt Gaetz Can Reportedly Confirm That The Doomed Lawmaker Was Informed He Had Sex With A Minor

Things are not looking so hot for Matt Gaetz. For over a year, the Florida representative and die hard Trumpist has been under federal investigation for his ties to a sex trafficking ring. The person who ran that ring, Joel Greenberg, has pled guilty and is cooperating with authorities. So is “Big Joe” Ellicott, a Florida shock jock and longtime Greenberg bestie who pled guilty to fraud and drug charges as part of deal with investigators. Ellicott reportedly has some dirt on Gaetz, too, and, sources tell The Daily Beast, he can reportedly confirm one of the more shocking parts of this whole affair.

That would be the claim Gaetz and others, including Greenberg, had sex with a woman they believed to be 19 back in 2017. She wasn’t. She was underage. At one point, Greenberg allegedly called Gaetz to break the bad news. But Greenberg wasn’t alone when he made the call. Ellicott claims he was also there.

It’s not known if Ellicott has yet to discuss the call with investigators, but if true, it would confirm a key detail from Greenberg’s confession letter, in which he claimed to have received an anonymous tip about the woman in question. After illegally accessing her records at the DMV, Greenberg said he rang up Gaetz, who Greenberg said was “equally shocked and disturbed by this revelation.”

If true, Ellicott could confirm Greenberg’s claims and debunk Gaetz’s denial. When asked about the allegations of underage sex, Gaetz replied, “The last time I had a sexual relationship with a seventeen year old, I was seventeen.”

In the meantime, Gaetz continues to act as though everything’s normal. Earlier this month he and Marjorie Taylor Greene shocked many by saying they were “ashamed of nothing” they did on Jan. 6, 2021.

(Via The Daily Beast)