Many People Are Wondering What Former ‘Today’ Anchor Ann Curry Is Up To After Matt Lauer’s Firing

During the June 28, 2012 broadcast of Today Ann Curry announced she would be leaving the Today program after years of serving as Matt Lauer’s regular substitute and, later, co-anchor. During a particularly poignant moment, when Curry broke down in tears while relaying the news to her viewers, Lauer awkwardly interrupted her to offer the career journalist his praises — as well as a rejected kiss. The moment was a significant one since, in months prior and in detailed accounts published by New York magazine and the New York Times, the reality of Curry and Lauer’s professional relationship (or lack thereof) came to bear.

Flash forward to the post-Harvey Weinstein landscape of late 2017, whose roster of powerful male celebrities accused of rampant sexual harassment and misconduct now includes Lauer. The Today staple was promptly fired on Wednesday morning following an internal investigation, sparking bewildered reactions from NBC colleagues and network competitors alike. While broadcast and cable news are still struggling to come to terms with Lauer’s firing and the claims that prompted it, however, many on Twitter immediately thought of Curry instead. As a result, “Somewhere Ann Curry” rapidly became a top trending topic.

Many of the first reactions favored Curry’s case against Today‘s supposed “boys’ club atmosphere,” when the Times and others reported may have led to her downfall with Lauer, the show, and the network.

Others, however, took a cue from the reactions to comedian Louis C.K.‘s downfall and mourned the loss of Curry’s career. (She left NBC News in 2015.)

Either way, in the ongoing battle of Curry verses Lauer, an obvious winner has come out on top.