Max Payne 3 Tech Trailer Showcases Ability to Roll, Squirm & Wiggle (Whilst Firing Guns)

Yeah, I know, I used “whilst” in the post title, there. Probably used it incorrectly too, but man does it look fancy.

Anyway, a couple of months ago, back in November, PC Gamer featured a trailer from the Max Payne 3:Design and Technology series, in which a narrator basically broke down the “new” mechanics of the upcoming title, while (whilst?!) simultaneously giving us all raging gaming boners. Well, this week they’re back with a second design video (and hopefully the boners), this one concentrating specifically on the weapons and targeting system for Mr. Payne’s third wild ride. Plenty of new footage and, oh yes, the narrator is back as well.

Basically, here’s what I learned from the video below: Max Payne can wiggle around with his machine guns out and, thanks to thousands of animations, it all looks really fluid. They even factor in stuff like the weight and recoil of the guns you’re carrying and how that affects Max’s balance when he’s moving -he looks just like a real life bald slob!

Video below the jump: