Meet The Guy Who Sat In A Hot Car To Teach People How Dangerous It Is

Just like a lot of us, Terry Williams knows that it’s really stupid to leave a child or pet in a car when it’s ridiculously hot outside. Granted, it’s pretty idiotic to leave a kid alone in a car in any situation, but with the scorching heat turning the car into an oven, it’s practically a death sentence. Williams, though, wanted to know exactly what it’s like to be stuck sitting in a hot car like that, so he went ahead and sat in his own car with the air off and windows up in the 90-degree weather of Raleigh, North Carolina. The result? He was pretty sweaty, and he admitted that even if the AC was on, he’d bring his kids with him inside wherever it was that he had to go.

Common sense, sure, but obviously not enough for the A-holes around the country that keep making news for all the wrong reasons. Fortunately, Williams’s video is starting to take off and other people are accepting it as a challenge to make their own videos.