Meet The Two-Pawed Kitty Who Hops Around Like A Bunny

Stop the Internet! We’ve reached the final frontier in cat videos and it’s a two-legged cat hopping around like a bunny. This is exactly what the series of tubes we can’t look away from was made for and there won’t be a cat video to top this one until at least the end of next week.

Meet Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux (yes, real name), who’s become an Internet sensation with Instagram videos of her jumping around exactly like a rabbit would. Born without her front paws, Roux (that’s what her friends call her) has developed powerful leg muscles that allow her to take off into the air at great heights and also kick like a kangaroo.

Here she is standing up on her hind legs:

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Meowbox interviewed Roux’s owner and here’s what she had to say about how Roux gets around with two paws and two nubs.

How does Roux get around and play?

Roux has adapted her special walk by not just walking on her back paws but by keeping the lowest portion of her hind legs flat for more balance, like a kangaroo. Her nubs swing back and forth while she walks but they do not touch the ground. When she wants to move quickly or play (her favorite move is to run after and tackle her sister Graybee) she hops with both back legs in unison like a rabbit. She can move very fast when she wants to! She has a few favorite toys and picks them out of the toy box herself and flings them around with her mouth since she can’t bat them around. It is incredible to watch her adapt, even though to her she is purrfectly normal!

According to Roux’s owner, the cat was surrendered because of her bob tail and the fact that she wasn’t able to bury her poop in the litter box — which we all know leads to horrifying brain infections. But her cuteness more than makes up for it. Who cares if your brain gets eaten as long as you get to live with a bunny/cat hybrid?

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