Meet The Yearbook Heroes Of The Class Of 2014

As it’s UPROXX tradition, once again we’re bringing you the yearbook heroes of the class of 2014. This year’s yearbook heroes nearly got overshadowed by that school in Utah that Photoshopped clothing on their students that everybody is so up in arms about. Which, by the way, I understand why people are pissed but is anyone surprised? It’s Utah. I’m just shocked their students are allowed to show more than wrists and ankles in the first place.

Anyway, enjoy the best curse words, insults, pop culture references and thinly veiled sexual innuendos 2014 had to offer. Oh, and as we mentioned last year, while we trust that all of these are from the current year, we have no way of proving it so we’re just taking the word of the good people of Reddit and imgur.

Wow, this kid quoted Winnie Cooper’s math book AND he does magic? How does he fend off the ladies?

*makes uncomfortable face*

Oh, look what a douchebag this one is.


OK, maybe he’s kind of smooth. *fixes hair*

Award for most best 12-year-old ever goes to…

Gotta love Tennessee!