Mega Gallery: Awesome, Geeky Pumpkins To Attempt To Carve This Weekend

Halloween is this weekend, if our gallery of Pokemon pumpkins and every other ad on TV didn’t tip you off.  After the jump we’ve collected a huge variety of geeky and innovative carved pumpkins, from simple video game references to highly-detailed sculpture work to multi-faceted pumpkin/gourd combinations.  These jack-o’-lanterns are crackalackin!  *gets pelted with eggs* I suppose I deserved that.

Build instructions are here but don’t do it.


“The Predator” by Ray Villafane

One pumpkin to rule them all

“Google engineer Neil Fraser went a little crazy with his Halloween pumpkin design this year, creating a gourd version of a sentry turret from Portal.”  — TheDailyWhat

based on Damien Hirst’s “For The Love Of God” 

That’s no moon.

Warning: do not attempt to carve Corgi pumpkin.  He is for display only.