Meghan McCain Told Her ‘The View’ Co-Hosts ‘I’m Not Living Without Guns’

YouTube / ABC

The mass shooting in Texas over the Labor Day weekend — which is not to be confused with the mass shooting in El Paso a mere month prior — has again left the nation shocked. The killing of seven during a rampage, using guns purchased without background checks, has once again reignited calls for gun control legislation from those sick to death of being afraid of death. And yet throughout the many, many, many massacres, and the untold innocent people murdered, pro-gun types have stood their ground. One of those is Meghan McCain.

The politician’s daughter-turned-morning TV pundit returned to her duties on The View Tuesday morning, kicking off the new season by doing what she does best: getting into a tussle with professional nemesis Joy Behar. The group was discussing the latest gun massacre, falling into inevitable formations: Everyone against McCain.

As Behar and all others not descended from the late John McCain bemoaned the fact that elected officials have done nothing to curb an infestation of gun violence, McCain tried to position herself as the sensible, clinical, worldly one, pointing out the AR-15 rifle, the one used time and time again in mass shootings, can’t be banned because it’s “by far the most popular gun in America, by far.”

Having just spent some time in Wyoming, away from Behar, McCain hipped them to her prediction of what would happen if the nation’s plethora of AR-15 would be deemed illegal, its owners forced to sell them back: “If you’re talking around going and taking people’s guns away from them, there’s going to be a lot of violence.”

When Behar pointed out that gun owners once lived happily without military-style guns, McCain wasn’t moved. “I’m not living without guns,” she declared. Fellow host Sunny Hostin reminded McCain that among the victims of massacres committed by assault weapons are children, prompting McCain to let out an annoyed, “Alright.”

Eventually, she gave up, for now, turned to the audience and let out a weary, knowing, almost self-effacing “Welcome back.”

Some agreed with McCain about one thing: First day back after Labor Day might not be the time for McCain to scare people with talk of violence against government agents.

Many wanted to remind McCain that there’s already plenty of violence.

Some found that her attempts at logic, if you will, had backfired on her.

Some said that her statements betrayed her privilege.

Others made jokes about the person she defers to the most: her dad.

As for McCain herself, she thought she did pretty good, even comparing herself to Clint Eastwood’s The Man with No Name, who also couldn’t keep his cool around Joy Behar.

But others suggested McCain should maybe try another show.