Megyn Kelly Is Goading Tucker Carlson Into Picking A Big Legal Battle With Fox News So He Can Get Back On Air

Ever since Fox News abruptly canned Tucker Carlson, the former primetime star has had an ally in Megyn Kelly. They’re both alumni of the conservative news network who were burned in different ways, so it makes sense. Now she’s taking her support/hatred of her former home to a new level by telling him to drag their butts into court.

On Friday, it was reported that Carlson was eager to get back on the air. Only problem? He has a contract with Fox News, which doesn’t expire until January of 2025. There’s a chance he may remain without a show for the next year-and-a-half — all while being paid, of course. But Kelly thinks he should consider other options.

“Tucker should walk away & forfeit the pay. Let Fox take him to court over the sole issue of silencing him for the rest of the election season (!)-the man they fired & smeared relentlessly while he stayed silent,” Kelly tweeted. “See how their dwindling audience repays them for that.”

If Carlson took Kelly’s advice, it would be yet another blow to the beleaguered network. They’re still reeling from a massive settlement to Dominion Voting Systems (with more 2020 election-related lawsuits still on the docket). Since Carlson’s firing, the once-mighty 8pm time slot has taking a walloping in the ratings. It’s still not publicly known what drove Fox News to kick their biggest star to the curb, despite many theories being floated — some more convincing than others.

But for now, it’s been nearly two weeks since Carlson has been oft-dangerous spreading nonsense to millions.

(Via Mediaite)