‘Bad Luck Brian’ Sells For $36K At Auction As Retro-Memes Become The Latest Big-Ticket Item In The NFT Craze

Non-fungible tokens are all the rage these days, as NBA Top Shot has helped usher the age of vast NFT speculation without necessarily needing to know much about cryptocurrency of the blockchain those pieces of media are built upon. Plenty of parties have gotten involved in minting and selling NFTs, which are basically special versions of digital goods with serial numbers or limited supply to create value in the process.

A digital, one-of-a-kind version of Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, for example, sold for millions earlier this week. And while some of the biggest NFT buyers are, perhaps fittingly, people who are already invested in NFTs, interest in the market continues to grow. We’re quite literally seeing memes go up for sale, netting thousands of real dollars in currency in the process. Perhaps the most notable meme of the moment is a throwback: Bad Luck Brian.

As The Verge reported earlier in the week, the sale was actually orchestrated by the creator of another meme: Nyan Cat. Chris Torres put together a number of popular memes from a decade ago and orchestrated their sale as well. The sale took place on Foundation, an online marketplace for art and NFTs that’s seen a surge in interest in recent days. And Bad Luck Brian went for 20 Etherium, a cryptocurrency that currently puts the cost of a once-viral high school yearbook photo at about $35,000.

As Business Insider pointed out, there’s also a Scumbag Steve NFT for sale on Foundation, if you need to jump in on the meme craze before it’s too late.

[via Business Insider]