Meme Watch: '1890s Problems' Ain't Your Grandpappy's Meme, But It Is Your Great-Grandpappy's

Last week Maske introduced us to “1990s Problems,” an image macro in which a weeping Dawson James Van Der Beek bemoans the first world problems of a middle class teenager in the 1990s. Almost immediately, the picture above was posted at Quickmeme as “1890s Problems,” bemoaning the actual problems plaguing women in the first world of the 1890s. Within a week, others contributed their own versions to remind us just how easy we have it simply by being born a century after the unfortunate woman pictured above.

On the other hand, you could get cocaine, heroin, weed, et cetera off store shelves as cheap “tonics” up until the passage of The Pure Food and Drug Act of June 30, 1906. I might be willing to give up the internet and modern dentistry if it meant being able to legally pop Dilaudids like they’re your grandma’s ribbon candy. This also explains why people thought vaudeville was hilarious. I take back what I said — living in the 1890s and thinking vaudeville is funny is an unacceptable way to live. These 1890s Problems are tragic.

Our twenty-five favorite 1890s Problems image macros are collected below. All pictures courtesy of Quickmeme. Thanks to Tastefully Offensive for the assist.