Meme Watch: ‘2/10, Would Not Bang’ Is Here To Help Point Out The Flaws You May Have Missed

Stop me if you’ve heard this, but apparently the internet can occasionally be overly hyper-critical. Shocking, I know! You’ll never see it on UPROXX — where the blindfolded lady holding the justice scale may as well be our mascot — but in the places it does happen it apparently has something to do with everyone on the internet having a voice and 99% of those voices being anonymous. At the forefront of this hyper-criticism is beauty, or the perception of beauty, especially in woman. Ivy League professors are dedicating their time and resources to develop photoshop scales, so this is definitely a thing.

4Channers and Redditors alike recently took a short break from slandering one another to take a stand against the delusional standards being cultivated on the internet with “2/10 Would Not Bang,” a new meme deriving from pimply standby, Butthurt Dweller internet commenter, who can find a flaw in even the most attractive of women. The concept is brilliantly simple. Find a photo of an uber attractive female, give her a “2” on a ten scale, and then point out ever flaw possible, the more outlandish the better. For example, 63.27% forehead-to-face ratio. Classic. She’s obviously heinous.

“Would Not Bang” is still in its infancy. I’ve included the handful that meet my comedy quota and don’t exceed our T&A threshold. In the world I want to live in we would tackle more issues with the combination of eye candy and passive aggressive parody. Bravo, internet.

Sources: Know Your Meme, Reddit, and Tumblr

And now a little something for the ladies…
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