Meme Watch: All Hail Grumpy Toad, 2013’s Grumpy Cat

As soon as Grumpy Cat started making the rounds at South by Southwest, much to the delight of your grandparents who saw footage of the cantankerous feline on Good Morning America, we knew it was time to find another online animal to obsess over. Grumpy Cat had jumped the shark, or whatever the meme version of that is (whipped out the lightsaber?). You had a good run, Tardar Sauce, but there’s another fed-up animal in town: Grumpy Toad.

The original photo comes from Trevor and Margaret’s Hardaker website, but the picture didn’t go viral until, naturally, Reddit picked it up. If you like bad (great) toad puns, this Hypnotoad-approved meme’s for you.