Meme Watch: Fancy Crab Is Sticking Up For The 1%

Senior Writer

Yesterday, the above image popped up at Reddit and the era of Fancy Crab was born. Immediately, this much-to-do crustacean was cast into the meme realm and the genius of the Internet did work. You see, Fancy Crab is above the common man and has no time for the silliness and rubbish behavior of those lesser peons wasting their days at Occupy Wall Street and beyond. Hey, his words not mine.
Not much is known about Fancy Crab except that he comes from old money and has clearly never had to work a day in his life. In fact, he pays Brazilian supermodels to put his top hat on each morning, and he never uses the same model. That’s how little he cares about the 99%. Let’s scorn this sea-dweller for his contempt, shall we?

(Hat tip to Buzzfeed.)

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