Meme Watch: First World Problems Finally Have A Macro, One First World Problem Solved

I’ve been wanting to do a meme watch on first world problems for a while but whatever internet governing body decides on which macros to adopt for which memes hadn’t assigned one and it’s just been a bunch of sub Reddit entries and unoriginal hashtagged tweets without the perfect image to bring the whole thing home and I’ve been left growling and shaking my fist at the most meta first world problem of all.

Well, score one for the good guys because over the last month this crying white lady image has taken hold and ended our long national nightmare. You see, you want first world problems, you need first world problems. Whether you like it or not they make you feel like less of an *sshole for being an *sshole. So I cordially invite you to enjoy the finest, most identifiable, best of first world problems the world wide web has to offer. If you need me I’ll be crafting one about my fantasy quarterback playing against my favorite NFL team.

Source: Quickmeme