Meme Watch: Idiot Nerd Girl Is Less Nerd Than Idiot, But 100% Annoying

We all know girls like this. By now we’re on to them. Yet they persist, like a fungus. I’m talking about attractive females who fancy themselves as nerds. For examples of such heinous frauds, look no further than this here FilmDrunk supercut

Would any of these girls enter the bone zone with a real life greasy haired, zit-faced, socially inept code-writing obsessed nerd? Of course not. Which is exactly why they should be mocked and ridiculed!
I first saw this macro on Quickmeme a couple of months ago but forgot about it until I met a ridiculously attractive lady over the weekend who branded herself a nerd twice within my first five minutes of meeting her, all because she’s on Tumblr and Twitter, mind you. Needless to say, I did not try to sleep with her merely on principle. I will, however, gladly allow her to inspire me to put together a small gallery making fun of her and her kind. Enjoy.