Meme Watch: Menacing Josh Romney May Kill Us All, Or At Least Continue To Stare Intently

“Come closer. Yes, yes, it’s OK. Now, gaze deep into my eyes. All will be revealed. Are you looking? Good. Keep staring, ever deeper and deeper and deeper and…”
/Josh Romney hacks eye-gazer into a million pieces
With a stare like the one we saw from the second oldest Romney son during Tuesday’s presidential debate, the fictional scenario depicted above could very easily become fact. In my mind, he’s already got a bottle of lotion and snake tongue flicking out of his mouth every seconds, even if it was never caught on camera. (He’s not the only terrifying Romney son, either — Tagg wanted to punch Obama.) Naturally, the Internet’s been having a field day with his death stare. Just don’t look straight into his eyes. Bad things happen.

(All images via Quick Meme)