Meme Watch: Over-Educated Problems Is First World Problems With A Masters Degree

Imagine First World Problems lady has a cousin. Now imagine that cousin spent a year in Europe before getting his graduate degree in something impractical and now listens exclusively to NPR.
Allow me to introduce Over-Educated Problems, the new meme that sprung up on Reddit from a stock photo of an assumed tormented man — who may or may not be the actor who plays Theon Greyjoy — staring out a window on a rainy day and lamenting how difficult life is when you’re so much smarter than everyone you know. Yes, it’s a winner.
I’m not sure if I possess an above average capacity for healthy self-reflection or I’m simply a glutton for punishment, but my favorite memes are always the ones that hit a little too close to home and remind me of the @sshole who lingers inside me. And this one does just that. From our time together I’m almost certain most of you will also identify.
Sources: Reddit & Know Your Meme