Meme Watch: Skeptical Third World Kid Has Heard It All Before

Look, don’t come in here and try to run that BS by Skeptical Third World Kid. He’s heard it all before and he’s wise to all the crap you and the man and the world at large are peddling, okay?! What’s that — a grand for a special “sealant” he didn’t ask for on the lemon you’re trying to seel him? Um, no. What’s that — your ex-boyfriend is gonna sleep it over but don’t worry y’all are only good platonic friends now? Um, yeah, sure.

Just look at the stink eye on that kid. He’s already seen enough young, pretty white girls roll through his village making all sorts of crazy promises so they can go back and tell all their Facebook friends about how TOTALLY AWESOME it felt to help an African child. If the kid can ever escape the clutches of whatever warlord has him going through basic training right now, he’ll make a great New Yorker one day.

Anyway, my favorite slides from the Skeptical Third World meme are after the jump. Enjoy.

(Quickmeme via Slacktory & Pleated Jeans)