Meme Watch: The Internet Turns #Kony2012 Into A Cringe Humor Meme In Record Time

You’ve probably been reading “KONY 2012” and similar slogans this week after a video posted by a questionable charity brought scrutiny to legitimately terrible warlord Joseph Kony of the Lord’s Resistance Army. As Cajun Boy summed it up, “Bottom line: Kony is an evil man but there are other organizations who you should give your money to if you feel compelled to aid humanity.” Amen. Here’s one example, and here’s another. Now let’s move on to the funny.
The merry tricksters of the internet, in their unending quest to prove there’s no such thing as “too soon” on this here internets, have made some cringeworthy image macros about the sudden internet infamy of the video and its related slogans and trends. Because anyone who thinks changing their Facebook avatar will fix anything deserves a lampooning. Let’s point and laugh at these slacktivists, because the alternative is to cry, and my dad told me to stop doing that in public.
All pictures courtesy of KnowYourMeme and Ranker unless otherwise noted.