Meme Watch: Unimpressed Astronaut Is Unimpressed

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12.08.11 2 Comments

You know how you’re always resisting that urge to metaphorically poop on all the uninteresting stories and anecdotes boring people like to tell? You know how instead you go the polite route and nod and feign interest like an equally boring person? But what if you were an astronaut who had walked on the mother f*cking moon? Then those societal protocols wouldn’t apply to you anymore, would they? Once you’ve engaged in space travel every interaction you have for the rest of your life is essentially one big “Cool story, bro.” Plus you’d get to wear cool t-shirts and punch hecklers just like Buzz Aldrin. Yeah, that would be the life.
But since you and I probably aren’t getting launched into space anytime soon the next best thing is living vicariously through the new Unimpressed Astronaut meme that began taking off (pun intended) after the above version hit Reddit the other day. I have a feeling I’m going to be using the line from the next slide on the reg anyway though.
Via Reddit and Know Your Meme

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