Michael Bay Attacked On ‘Transformers 4’ Set (UPDATE)

Michael Bay was punched in the face on the set of Transformers 4 in Hong Kong. The assault happened when two men (reportedly brothers) walked onto a busy downtown filming location and demanded nearly $13,000 from the director. Because he’d just have $13,000 in his pockets, you know.

When Bay didn’t happen to have 13 G’s just lying around, the older of the two brothers punched him in the face. Both brothers then fought with three police officers attempting an arrest.

Both brothers were arrested on suspicion of blackmail and assault. Bay is said to have sustained injuries to his face, but nothing serious enough to warrant a hospital visit. He resumed shooting after the incident. [THR]

He’s okay? Commence joking about how they must not be Transformers fans.

UPDATE: “Now comes word from a Bay spokesperson that the attacker wasn’t an extortionist at all, but a drugged out whack job swinging an air conditioner.” — Full story at FilmDrunk.

UPDATE #2: Michael Bay released a statement about the incident.

Never has this Bad Boys GIF been more relevant.

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