Michael Jackson’s Son Prince Is Living Large And Partying With Justin Bieber

Bieber seen here plotting
Getty Image

Bieber seen here plotting

Just 10 years ago, there was an heir to a massive fortune living hard, spending money, and partying with questionable celebrities. Her name was Paris Hilton. Today, now that Paris Hilton is 33 — decrepit in heiress years — we have Prince Michael Jackson, the 17-year-old son of the late Michael Jackson.

Brother to Paris (not the Hilton one, obviously) and Prince Michael II (or Blanket), Jackson, along with Justin Bieber, has been taken under the wing of boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr., a 37-year-old man who has decided to mentor rich kids, I guess. According to the New York Post citing a family source, Mayweather has been orchestrating secret recording sessions between Jackson and Bieber and the two are allegedly recording an album together.

But that’s not all Jackson is working on. In his spare time, he dates Kuwaiti princesses, buys expensive jewelry and is looking to buy a Rolls Royce or Maybach. Your typical heir/heiress stuff.

According to the Post, Jackson’s family is concerned. But I’m not. I hope this is the resurgence of the Paris and Nicole nonsense of yesteryear, with Jackson and Bieber dancing on tables, flashing their nethers and wearing Uggs with tiny skirts while carrying tiny dogs. We, as a nation, need this.

Source: New York Post