Michael Sheen Does A Dramatic Reading Of Twilight Fan Fiction? Yes Please.

There is nothing I don’t love about this story.  Well, except that it’s Twilight related.  But, other than that, it has everything we require in a dramatic reading: one of the silliest, saddest facets of the internet (fan fiction) read aloud with a British person’s mellifluous gravitas, a female morning show host swooning, an audience that sounds both amused and uncomfortable (perhaps aroused?), Wesley Snipes from “30 Rock”, and another reminder that Twilight is totes ridiculous (even more ridiculous than a grown man typing “totes” instead of “totally”).  In the video below, Michael Sheen (TRON: Legacy, Frost/Nixon, three of the Twilight movies) does a dramatic reading of Twilight fan fic “Unexpected Circumstances” by Savage7289 to host Carrie Keagan on VH1’s “Big Buzz Morning Live”.
And it isn’t just our Micheal-Sheen-reading-fan-fiction fantasies which are being fulfilled today.  Check out the pictures after the video for some other wishes granted by photoshop.


[Via BestWeekEver]