The Leader For Best Senior Prank Goes To This Michigan High School

The senior prank is a rite of passage for every graduating high-school student. Most of the time, the execution of the prank is designed to either embarrass an administrator, or cause the school thousands of dollars in damages that ultimately result in students getting arrested and/or being banned from their graduation ceremony. Other times, students will come across an idea that is so perfect, and so…culturally relevant, I suppose are the right words, that it’s simply too good to pass up.

Such is the case with the 2015 graduates of Dexter High School in Dexter, Michigan. For this year’s prank, a group of seniors headed out to the large boulder that sits in a field near the school, one that just so happens to share its shape with the poo emoji. And, naturally, they painted it brown and gave it a face.

Good work, students of Dexter High. If this isn’t the best senior prank of 2015, it’s definitely No. 2.

(Via Greg Sharp)