Vice President-Elect Mike Pence Was Booed By The Audience At A ‘Hamilton’ Performance

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After a long week of helping President-elect Donald Trump determine who wouldn’t be fired from his final list of White House staff and cabinet picks (and taking great selfies), Mike Pence decided to relax with a performance of the Broadway musical Hamilton. Or at least that’s according to Sirius XM NBA Radio weekend host Noah Coslov, who live-tweeted the Governor of Indiana’s arrival at the historic Richard Rodgers Theatre in New York.

All the fanfare began just before 8 p.m. local time, When Coslov noticed a whole lot of U.S. Secret Service officials accompanying a “big motorcade” outside the theatre. He “couldn’t see who walked in” at first, and pondered whether or not Trump himself was gracing the Rodgers with his presidential presence.

Coslov subsequently determined it was Pence, and not Trump, who was there for the Friday night showing of Hamilton. Such begs the question, “Do I have to win a major national election to finally get my hands on some Hamilton tickets?” Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, but according to what Coslov tweeted next, it became clear that Pence’s surprise appearance at the theatre wasn’t entirely welcomed by everyone else who was there to eat up Lin-Manuel Miranda’s fantastic musical.

Naturally, the fact that Pence was being booed by a sizable chunk of the Hamilton crowd brought out the Internet’s best and brightest trolls for a game of “What else can we do to that guy we’ve been donating to Planned Parenthood for?”

(Via Noah Coslov on Twitter)