Mike Tyson Told Joe Rogan That He’s Gotten Erections Due To Being Aroused By Fighting Someone

Mike Tyson is returning to the ring, and with that we’re getting another look at the mindset of one of the most feared boxers on the planet as he gets ready for his next bout. That includes a look at how he views hurting people, and some of the strange things getting up for a fight does to his body.

In an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, Tyson got into some very specific details about his boxing career. Namely, that he used to get a very specific kind of excited when he really got going in the ring. Tyson was talking about how he struggles with the fact that he can really hurt someone in the ring before he admitted that the excitement about a fight can be overwhelming for his body sometimes.

“It’s orgasmic sometimes,” Tyson admitted. “What does it mean when fighting gets you erect?”

The topic came up when Rogan asked a question about getting excited about certain fights over others, and how he’s able to tap into a certain mindset that’s made him so successful over the years. Tyson went back to talking about how his body could get aroused during a fight.

“That’s how I’d get when I was a kid,” he said.

Rogan admitted that it was a very “strange thing to say,” to which Tyson replied that he wanted to see if he was “really bright” or not and could understand what he meant. Rogan tried to justify it, saying that only Tyson can understand what that means because there’s no one quite like him when it comes to boxing. Tyson later admitted that he doesn’t ask God for help when fighting, a definite separation of his sport from other areas of his life.

“I just don’t want to be involved with that kind of mindset,” Tyson said. “People do, I just don’t like the way that I think and don’t want god to be involved with the way I think at that time.”

It’s an interesting look at Tyson’s mindset heading into his next fight, and where he is in his life right now. Tyson admitted that fighting, and being on camera, is addicting. Getting back into it is feeding into his ego, and there’s a lot about his process to get ready for a fight that seems strange to anyone else.