Mila Kunis Is Not A Fan Of The Internet

Over the weekend we told you that Esquire had named Mila Kunis as its “Sexiest Woman Alive” for 2012. Today the magazine published a few “extras” — quotes and photos from the cutting room floor — and it appears pretty evident that Mila doesn’t care much for the internet.

“I don’t Tweet…. There used to be too much emphasis on reviews. I think the Internet changed that. People don’t support each other anymore, in any industry. People are so eager to push somebody down — not even trash-talking, like the schoolyard bully. People ‘boo’ each other on the Internet, because it’s so immediate. Like, a person can talk shit about another actor, another director, because they’re protected by a screen. It’s super easy to do it — there’s no confrontation. You don’t have to meet the person.”

“Fame forty years ago is very different than what fame is today. Forty years ago, you could go to a restaurant and you could go to the movies. You had a life. And, yes, you could walk down the street and people would holler and yell at you, but people didn’t have phones, let alone cellphones with, you know, cameras. Let alone instant Twitters and Instagrams and tweeting your location or talking about it on whatever — however these networks work. That instant source of location takes away from the mystery or the intrigue of the person — and it adds to the accessibility.”

Ypu see, this is why you should just make UPROXX the one website you visit regularly, Mila. I think you’ll find this to be a very safe place, despite the fact that you dated Macaulay Culkin and currently date Ashton Kutcher. You see, we would never judge you for your obvious romantic failings, Mila. EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES! (Lookin’ at you too, Megan Fox!) So come on — let’s cuddle!

We smell good. Just like we imagine you do in the quiet moments we spend together in my mind. Nothing at all creepy about that, right?

(Images via Esquire)