Modern Classics Get Recast With Vintage Casts And Posters

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01.17.12 5 Comments

Illustrator/Designer Peter Stults was forwarded an Alternate Universe Movie Posters project years back by a friend. He recently decided to take the same idea to a new level, re-imagining modern classics with masterful vintage movie posters for a different era with classic casts and crews. He stuck with the “Movies from an Alternate Universe” title, which doesn’t make much sense to me (in an alternate universe movies get made fifty years earlier with movie stars from our universe?) but I’m not here to split hairs because I think these posters are super rad.

I would gladly pay my ten bucks to see the first ten I’ve included here. The new Terminator installments look particularly promising. The final four not so much. Nimoy is never welcoming me to the party, pal.

Peter Stults via Laughing Squid

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