Let A 65-Year-Old Mom Who's Never Heard Of 'The Matrix' Explain The Plot Of 'The Matrix'

The Matrix is a very confusing movie. Some might even be so bold as to say it makes little sense, and gets wrapped up in its own mythology, and is only revered today because it looks kind of cool and it’s better than other mega-hit movies from 1999 like The Phantom Menance. Not that I’d be one of those people, obviously. Anyway, The Matrix confusing, so Austin-based filmmaker Joe Nicolosi, best known for his Star Wars: Retold video, asked his adorable 65-year-old mom, who’s never heard of WOAH: The Movie, to watch the film then explain it back to him.

She constantly refers to Morpheus as Moshimo, and it only gets better from there. The poor woman’s head might explode if she has to sit through The Matrix Revolutions, unless she’s literally the only one who can understand it.

(Via Reddit)