People Are Delighted That Mr. T Is Singing The Praises Of Second Vaccine Booster Shots (And Of Course Ted Cruz Is Angry)

While much of regular life has returned to some kind of normalcy, COVID ain’t over. There’s yet another new variant out there, and the federal government sort of neglected to re-up on funding tests and vaccines, meaning the uninsured — and, really, everyone — is now in danger. There’s still some debate among scientists if a second booster is necessary, with the FDA recommending it for those over 50. But not everyone’s reluctant to get a fourth jab. Mr. T, already an outspoken cheerleader of vaccines, wants everyone to go back for more.

“I just received my 2nd Moderna booster vaccine, and I feel good!” tweeted the A-Team and Rocky alum. “I am still going to wear my mask and keep my distance because the virus ain’t over, Fool! Grrr”

It’s not clear who or what the unpunctuated “Grr” was meant to address, but perhaps it was meant to be open-ended. Surely he meant the virus, but maybe he also directed some of that ire to the “fools” who still won’t get vaxxed and are helping keep COVID strong.

Mr. T, who in the 1980s was simultaneously a TV star, a movie star, a wrestler, and a staple of children’s television, often using his over-the-top tough guy persona to tell kids to eat right and do the right thing, is a big fan of vaccines. Back in November, he spouted off about getting his first booster, and let everyone know he was still going to wear a mask and social distance, just to stay safe.

His latest pro-vaccine tweet earned him yet more love, as well as lots of “I pity the fool who doesn’t get vaccinated”-style jokes.

Some felt this — a celebrity preaching about a public health issue — was the kind of communication the CDC needs, especially when you have celebrity skeptics like Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers.

Of course, Mr. T’s tweet earned the ire of lots of anti-vaxx schmucks. And, of course, Ted Cruz.

But everyone else had to hand it to the guy who stole Rocky III from Stallone.