Mr. T Got A Lot Of Love After Getting A Booster Shot (And People Are Daring Ted Cruz To Come After Him Like He Went After Big Bird)

While die hard Trumpists (and Joe Rogan, and Aaron Rodgers) are still refusing to get a COVID vaccine — and suffering as a result — others are busy getting their booster shots. A third dose of a safe and effective preventive measure against a deadly virus is all the rage, especially as we head into the winter months. And though Republicans like Ted Cruz are currently getting mad at fictional avians for telling kids to get vaxxed, they probably won’t do the same to real-life muscle men.

On Saturday, Mr. T — the A-Team and Rocky alum, who in the ‘80s was simultaneously a TV star, a movie star, a wrestler, and a staple of children’s television — took to Twitter to announce that he’d gotten boostered.

“I am Blessed and I am Thankful. I just got my Booster Vaccination shot. My arm is a little sore but no pain. I Pity Pain! Thanks again to all the Doctors and Nurses,” Mr. T wrote. He added, “Even though I am fully vaccinated, I will still wear my mask and keep my distance, thank you.”

Like Big Bird, Mr. T used to appear on the likes of Sesame Street to dole out helpful advice for children. At 69, he’s still at it. Though he didn’t explicitly tell anyone to get vaxxed, the implication was to be like him and do something that’s both beneficial for one’s self and for the greater good. As such, he received lots of praise on Twitter.

Others dared Ted Cruz to go after the erstwhile B.A. Baracus, even though he’s older and shorter than Big Bird.

And others dug up old Mr. T ephemera, such as the explanation for his unique style.

If you qualify, please get a booster shot.