MSSL CMMND (Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore) – Why Fight The Space Age Mixtape

03.27.13 6 years ago

MSSL CMMND – a duo of Baltimore DJ Daniel Biltmore and Chad Hugo of the Neptunes and N*E*R*D fame – reminds that there’s no point in fighting the space age, as they travel to infinity and beyond with their surprisingly eclectic selection of songs defying any and all genres. I couldn’t help but notice the inclusion of “Gelato,” which I happen to hold in as high reverence as, say, Future, so MSSL CMMND certainly did not let me down!

Aye, Chad, your mix was something that DJs should aspire to and all, but when are you, P, and Shay going to give us some new music?

DownloadMSSL CMMND – Why Fight the Space Age?

1. Moog Intro
2. Heartbreakers (Demo Mix) ft. Graph Gonzales
3. Say It’s Ok (Demo Mix)
4. Cee Lo – Bridges (MSSL CMMND Remix)
5. Moog Interlude
6. Hope & Pray (AKA Ghetto Panda)
7. Zook – I Like it That Way
8. Pure Pressure – Whizkey Song
9. No Planes Interlude
10. No Planes in Space – Why Fight the Space Age (Remix)
11. The Oh Hello’s – Hello My Old Heart (MSSL CMMND Remix)
12. MSSL CMMND Commercial
13. Chinky Bean – Rolls Off The Face
14. J Pharaoh + Gabe Niles – Gelato
15. Quazr – She Throws the Beat Down
16. Cold Weather Interlude
17. Bent Machete – Stolling to the Seaside (MSSL CMMND Mix)
18. The Spark ft. 1-O.A.K. + Trackademicks
19. J Pharaoh – Pharaoh from the Beach (Mean Mix)
20. Jake Break – Inevitable ft. Stacie of Rekapse
21. MSSL CMMND Beat Workout Plan
22. Mica Javier – Joy Joy Joy (MSSL CMMND Yacht Remix)
23. Outro

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