‘My Name Is Burt Macklin. I’m With The F**king FBI’

I’ve been alerted by our friends at Splitsider that Andy Dwyer’s pseudo crime-fighting alter ego, “Burt Macklin: FBI,” is making a return in tonight’s Parks & Rec and I want to take a minute to discuss how much I f*ckin love Burt Macklin. I could literally watch the Maclin supercut below on a loop for an hour, no pee break. Recurring comedic devices like Macklin are what make Parks & Rec such a brilliant sitcom. It not only provides an added layer of smart comedy but it also rewards a loyal audience.
“Greg Pikitis,” the seventh episode of the second season of Parks & Rec, is not only where Burt Macklin made his first appearance but it’s also the episode where I officially went in the tank for the show. I had really liked it up to that point, but the mixture of psychological warfare with a punk high school kid and Aziz Ansari’s Lil’ Jon costume turned me into a true believer. In other news, that’s my second Lil’ Jon mention today. And it’s still 2011. The Crunk Juice better be sitting on my doorstep when I get home.
The only real question at this point is whether it’s “Burt” or “Bert”? The internet seems to be divided on this point. I’m almost certain if given the choice between the Burt Reynolds and the Bert & Ernie spelling Andy would go Reynolds all day, only to spell it “Bert” anyway. How about this amazing supercut and some Macklintastic GIFs while we await a verdict?

Macklin action set to “Sabotage.” Unfortunately can’t embed. Totally worth the click through.