This Mysterious Lake Object Is So Freaky You May Never Swim Again

This video is currently freaking out Reddit due to its vague resemblance to a scene in the movie Chronicle, which saw some bros encountering a mysterious object and gaining superpowers. The guys in this video discovered a strange something in the middle of a frozen Utah lake. Naturally, they start poking at the object with their bare hands because no one heeds the lessons of sci-fi or horror movies. At one point, they kick aside a devilish Starbucks red cup, which means this thing could be a creature straight from hell.

Maybe not? Reddit has concocted a number of conspiracy theories, starting with these explanations:

Who touches strange sh*t? Have they never seen The Thing?

It looks like someone did a bit of illegal dumping of decent quantity (i.e. a bucket full) of off-white oil-based paint left over from a job. A big blob of off-white paint then spread out into a circular pattern. Paint can solidify into strange shapes. Also oil paint wouldn’t immediately turn to ice but would remain squishy for a while.

A lake nipple.

Pretty sure it’s a bifrost landing site. Thor is near.

Perhaps this is some crude viral marketing for Independence Day: Resurgence? It’s moments like these that really make one wonder whether humanity is destined to survive a discreet alien invasion. Don’t touch it!