This Mysterious Lake Object Is So Freaky You May Never Swim Again

This video is currently freaking out Reddit due to its vague resemblance to a scene in the movie Chronicle, which saw some bros encountering a mysterious object and gaining superpowers. The guys in this video discovered a strange something in the middle of a frozen Utah lake. Naturally, they start poking at the object with their bare hands because no one heeds the lessons of sci-fi or horror movies. At one point, they kick aside a devilish Starbucks red cup, which means this thing could be a creature straight from hell.

Maybe not? Reddit has concocted a number of conspiracy theories, starting with these explanations:

Who touches strange sh*t? Have they never seen The Thing?

It looks like someone did a bit of illegal dumping of decent quantity (i.e. a bucket full) of off-white oil-based paint left over from a job. A big blob of off-white paint then spread out into a circular pattern. Paint can solidify into strange shapes. Also oil paint wouldn’t immediately turn to ice but would remain squishy for a while.

A lake nipple.

Pretty sure it’s a bifrost landing site. Thor is near.

Perhaps this is some crude viral marketing for Independence Day: Resurgence? It’s moments like these that really make one wonder whether humanity is destined to survive a discreet alien invasion. Don’t touch it!

This video’s origins remain murky, though the footage appears to source to some random dude’s YouTube channel, which is filled with random stuff like cat videos. If this object has designs upon the world, these dudes could be running around with all sorts of nefarious powers right now. Beware!

(Via Reddit)

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