Naked Man Who Rowed Across Crocodile-Infested Water On A Log For Bourbon Has No Regrets

If this Australian man doesn’t have #yolo tattooed on his ass, I’d be shocked.

[A fisherman] won two cases of bourbon for jumping on to a log racing down a flooded, crocodile-infested river in the nude. The tiler rode the makeshift raft for about three minutes before clambering back into a boat.

“I’d enjoyed a few beers and it seemed a good idea at the time,” he said. (Via)

The river he rowed across, the Daly, is so infested with crocodiles that in 2009, the Australian government invited trophy hunters to decrease the horrifying beast monster’s population from 80,000 to a much less menacing number. More importantly, the bourbon was Jack Daniels. I’d have done it WITHOUT the log for some Pappy.

(Via Gawker)